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Healing Heart and Soul

Prevention of any disease is possible if we have healed both our heart and soul. But what is he sickness of heart and soul? Dr Nirmala Kajaria dives deeper into this aspect.

Some call it sow and reap, other say cause and effect. Understanding the Law of Karma - of action and response - can transform your health, wealth and relationships

All the negative news we read about and see on tv is driving everybody on the edge and making people so easily stressed. Angelo Garcia of Philippine Panorama explores what meditation can do for "happy" Filipinos. 

By recognizing the different kinds of thoughts and their effect on us, we can choose the types of thoughts we will create, and thereby become the true master of the self.

We are by nature positive. Negativity is the result of faulty thinking. But you can change if you want to. You can’t control other people, situation or circumstances, but you can control what is going on inside you. It takes time to change and transform those old patterns of thinking. Be patient with yourself. Subscribe to Thought For Today from Brahma Kumaris UK and get fresh powerful thoughts every day.

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Whatever is happening within will always be projected outside. Our inner glow does become very visible in the outer glow, something that no makeup can ever put on. Find out more about the positive self change that Michaela Sarah de Leon of Zenhealth discovered on her visit to the center.

Surprising and honest answers about love, relationships, every day life pressures and accessing God's love in a Q& A with Sister Jayanti.

A person who is close to the unseen Divine and who knows the Laws of Karma and who works with courage in the face of fear or danger who has that strength becomes a beacon. This person becomes a leader, taking people out of fear into fearlessness.

As we watch the world go around in turmoil, but rather than falling into hopelessness, anger or despair; we choose instead to offer the power of our positive, pure thoughts, our good wishes for each being in the world including the natural elements. In this way, we transform the energy of negativity into one of positivity, uplifting the world through our awareness. This is Mansa Seva, serving the world through out mind.

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“Om shanti. Greetings of peace to my sisters and my brothers.


I’m not a scientist so there’s not a lot I know about DNA in terms of science but enough just to say that when you mention somebody’s DNA, what you’re talking about is the way they are - who they are, their very being, their personality. They say that DNA is the engine life and there are situations in which DNA is expressed and there are situations in which DNA can be suppressed and so different times, different situations and environment. So, what does all of this got to do with God?


It seems a lovely idea to think about science as an exploration but also the subject of God as an exploration.  And when you explore something you begin with a certain concept, you experiment and see. Does this work or is there something else that’s happening that makes you change your concept? If the result of your research and experimentation shows something different, well, that is the reality. In terms of God, there have been a lot of myths, legends, many different concepts all sorts of ideas that have come up but how do we know whether all this is real, or not? 


Maybe two concepts of God that are known across the world, universally, are that God is love, and it seems to be a bit of a paradox but also that God is truth. And somehow the these two concepts of God as love and truth have been the defining qualities that we’ve always spoken of in terms of God. 


So, I have to ask, have I experienced God’s love? if I haven’t come to that experience of God’s love, maybe I’ve read somebody else’s experience of God, or maybe I have had a good fortune of meeting somebody who’s able to share their personal experience of God. I might begin to feel that maybe there’s something here that I need to explore further, and so I ask myself how can I know what is God’s love. And this is where we often get stuck because so often different people have shown us different methods and it has been challenging because we don’t always come to that experience.

God's DNA

by BK Jayanti Kirpalani, Director of Brahma Kumaris Europe and the Middle East, a much sought after speaker and broadcaster on spiritual matters, and a meditator for more than 40  years, speaking of her experience on God from the  Global Cooperation House in London in June 2016


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