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Meditation Experiences

Soothe the soul, calm the mind
Every thought we create produces feelings. If we create happy thoughts we will definitely feel happy. At the core of everything we do is a thought and strengthening them empowers us spiritually. Try these short meditation commentaries designed to give you good experiences.

Space for Quietness

Creating space for silence in our inner world gives us a break and puts everything into perspective. When things become too busy and cluttered inside, follow this short audio commentary from BK Anthony Strano.

My Own Climate Change

When life situations get you flustered or you feel the heat of anger rising inside, cool down with thoughts of peace. Follow these simple thoughts to control your inner climate.

Valuing Myself shifts my attention towards my inner goodness, affirming my positive qualities. Follow the slide show and take the time experiencing your goodness.

Stepping Inward

A gentle guided meditation that slowly takes you to that inner world of peace where you will find deep love and acceptance.

A powerful, step by step journey into peace by Sister Denise Lawrence. Experience your own inner power of peace, awaken and connect to The Source in this state of pure peace.

The Link of Life

Connecting with the inner being and linking your thoughts to God to fill yourself with His own qualities takes full concentration. Let BK Anthony Strano take you on this incredible journey.

Being Gentle with Myself

Carry a new story of yourself. See yourself with gentleness. Even the most difficult weaknesses are part of the trail towards real beauty.


Feel yourself as this spiritual energy. Let go of all your other thoughts, let go of your feelings and go deep into a realm of inner peace. It is time to see the truth of who we are.

Sunny Side Up

Wake up every morning grateful for all your wonderful qualities. Follow these short suggested thoughts and start each day empowering yourself.


Tips for everyday living

Tips for everyday living

Practical pointers to empower our thoughts, transform our actions, make mundane routine beneficial - little things that go a long way to make the everyday a little brighter, happier and more peaceful.
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