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Food & Soul


By Jose Narciso Melchor C. Sescon, M.D

Jose Narciso Melchor C Sescon, MD, fondly called Dr Jojo/BK Anand by his friends and workers, is a medical OB GYN specialist, and an HIV and AIDS Reproductive health development worker for the past two decades. Currently the Chief of Clinics of Sta Ana Hospital, a 300-bed local tertiary hospital, he is the former Executive Director of Remedios AIDS Foundation for 12 years and former President of AIDS Society of the Philippines for 7 years.Dr Jojo actively balanced his life as a consultant/ adviser/board member to various AIDS and development organizations. Jojo/Anand loves to explore and cook and bake new vegetarian dishes as well as regularly goes to the gym to keep physically fit. Jojo/Anand is a yogi student and has adopted the practice raja yoga meditation for 14 years.

A healthy body and a healthy mind work together to bring new positive experiences to a meditator.


First is the awareness that the human soul, at its very core, is peaceful, gentle, loving, pure - all these positive qualities that are essentially non-violent. An acknowledgement of this brings to the meditator new positive life experiences which he or she might have never experienced before. Respect and care for the body - ours or another being’s body -  begin to take new meaning. Food ingested without the violence of slaughter frees the soul from absorbing energies like fear, anxiety, tension, sadness. With less and less of the negative being absorbed, more and more of the positive is experienced. 

A vegetarian diet that is both healthy and tasty, plus meditation. See how much better you'll feel.

There are various reasons why people turn vegetarian or vegan. They want to live longer, live healthier; some out of respect to animals; others are for religious or spiritual reasons. There are countless researches that prove the physical the benefits of a plant-based diet.

In my 14 years of being a vegetarian, I have come to experience a simple principle “as your food so your mind”

The quality of food we put into our body does affect our mind, and eventually the soul. Eating vegetables that were merely harvested and not slaughtered brings a more peaceful, calm, non-violent energy into our body.

How we cook food is equally important. Cooking on our own instead of ordering food from outside enables us to have  full control over the ingredients, which not only affects flavor but also impacts on quality and hygiene. Most importantly, food cooked  in the consciousness of unconditional love, peace and Godly remembrance infuses pure vibrations into the food that affects one's state of mind. An essential factor for those who wish to have greater experience of deep peace and silence.

Finally, eating in Godly remembrance as well as practicing gratitude while eating brings utmost benefit as it recognizes that these truly are God’s graces.


Click Image for Recipe

Broccoli Coconut Milk Soup

Click Image for Recipe

Rice Bowl with Nutty Sauce

Click Image for Recipe

Tofu Teriyaki

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Ampalaya with Mashed Tofu

Click Image for Recipe

Banana Cake

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Fruit & Nut Salad

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Alugbati Salad

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Tofu Steak with Mango Salsa

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Mashed Sweet Potato

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Yellow Adobo

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Fresh Lumpia

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Our mental stage affects directly the atmosphere around us, and of course, any of the food that we prepare and eat. We benefit by preparing the food in a peaceful and happy mental stage and this contributes that when we eat this food we would feel happy and positive. 

To prepare food in a good stage improves the quality of our life. 

When we buy food prepared, some questions we can ask ourselves are:

    •    What are the ingredients these products?

    •    How were they prepared?

    •    How complete or nourishing they are?

    •    What is their quality?

We can experience the magic of a wonderful mental stage preparing the food as a peaceful being.  When we feed the mind with love as well as the body, the world we share will also become peaceful and loving.

Some very strong animals are vegetarian too. Can you name a few?


Contributed by Brahma Kumaris Washington DC

Vegetarian Cooking Demo every July and November of the year in BK Makati Center. 

Providing you the principles of vegetarian cooking and its positive effects on our health and mind. Followed by an actual cooking demo, and of course, food tasting!


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