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June 2018 Issue: Uncovering Blind Spots

Catching up with BK Charlie Hogg, we find more about our blind spots - how to enable ourselves to face our weaknesses so we can better appreciate our stored inner qualities. Also in this issue, insights and learnings on living simply and sustainably from our recently concluded Eco Shanti Retreat.

April 2018 Issue: The Call of Time

BK Judy Rodgers spearheads the The Call of Time and provides us fresh insights on our impact to the outer world by closely looking at our inner world of thoughts.

January 2018 Issue: The Wars Around Us Start Within ( Karma - Drama )

We are going through big changes. Some things happen to make us stronger and experienced. Everyone is facing many difficult things, whether in family environments or in cities, countries, or the hemisphere. We cannot stop climate change—sea levels rising, temperature variables. We cannot stop financial instabil- ity, problems in agriculture, terrorism...Dealing with such challenges requires building the strength of not being affected. We need to embrace the un-embraceable if only because it’s there. Spiritual wisdom helps us handle it, interpret it, and live with it - BK Dense Lawrence

November 2017 Issue: Understanding the power of the mind

The mind is such a powerful faculty that whatever it thinks becomes reality. Understand how you can harness the power of your mind and bring greater stability and success in your life. Download it today.

September 2017 Issue: Togetherness makes every day memorable.

Coming together enables us to have great experiences. From sweet and loving soul experiences of Uncle Nirwair Signh, secretary general of the Brahma Kumaris, to insights on survival food by UP Agronomy Professor Pamela Fernandez, there is much to enjoy in this issue of The Point.

June 2017 Issue: Time to Reclaim Love

Inspiring experiences from recent program participants, so worthwhile imbibing in our own journey. Read all about it in this issue.  

April - May 2017 Issue

In this issue, BK Judy Johnson helps us understand where resilience comes from, exactly what we and the world needs in these times of chaos. "When things become unwieldy and the atmosphere becomes stressful, the tendency of leaders is to add rules to put a lid on the situation. There is peace in order, but we can’t find it when there is stress, frustration, loneliness and anger, and when we attempt to impose the order from the outside. Resilience is about discovering internal order and bringing it out. The only safe place for us is inside ourselves."

February - March 2017 Issue

In this issue, author Mike George explains how to rediscover the authentic self, BK Jayanti explains why focusing your energy on weaknesses of another drains your own inner power, and some practical tips on meditation.

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