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About the speaker: BK Charlie Hogg is the Regional Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris Asia Pacific, an international speaker and one of the pioneering souls who started Raja Yoga Meditation in the Asia Pacific. He has been practicing meditation for more than 40 years.

In 2014, the Philippines was fortunate to have Brother Charlie provide the deep experience of sweet silent conversations with God. You can read the transcript here or watch the full video to follow the actual 45 minute experiential commentary.

Silent Conversations with God: a meditation experience



"Some years ago I saw a cartoon of a man who had zip right around his head from his ear, (from here right around to here). And someone came and unzipped his head and lifted his head up like a suitcase and looked inside. And literally hundreds and hundreds of people in there. Many of them in deep conversation. Some of them talking, some listening, some arguing and fighting. And I thought it was a wonderful metaphor for our minds today.


So many conversations going concurrently in our heads, in a thinking. Sometimes with others sharing our feelings, with others trying to prove my point, sometimes with myself. You know that inner voice disapproving of myself.  Sometimes putting myself down sometimes I can talk to myself in a very harsh way with regret, why did I say that, why did I do that. Sometimes conversations with situations what's happening, why is it happening, that shouldn't be happening. And other times fantasy conversations with a person in my dreams. It seems that the mind is constantly and conversation in some direction. It never stops out of my subconscious these conversations keep babbling into my conscious mind. In seeing this mind that over thinks, constantly in these elongated conversations, I think we crave peace inside.


We crave a stillness. We crave a mind at rest. We crave silence. But I think at the same time we fear silence. Because the conversations have a purpose, the noise of the mind has a purpose, the over busyness, the overthinking has a purpose. It stops me from going really deep into my truth to understand really who I am. And sometimes this sweet silence can be like a mirror. It's a mirror where I can see myself so clearly and in that mirror to look into that mirror I need a lot of honesty inside and a lot of self love and care. I've personally been a meditator for 40 years and what I love about the journey in life of spirituality this wonderful journey of learning about myself and coming closer and closer to God is that  we learn this very gentle self-observation. As I go about my life, I look at myself and what I've noticed over the years is the conversations that go on so many conversations and I think it the heart of the conversations it's about my story.


In my memory tracks is so many stories and feelings how I've been treated, what has happen, what they've said, what they've done. This story constantly goes it never ends. What I found recently I begin to think of my mind as a sacred space inside. The image I have is a beautiful crystal ball, absolutely clean & clear full of clear water. This is my original state of my mind and wisdom is to keep the negative and wasteful conversations out of my sacred space. 


But this sacred space has many gateways into it. One is my ears. My pool can be so calm and quiet. One conversation of few words, of comment can enter through the gate where my ears and my conversation to my mind becomes heated an angry. I see something which is not fair or unjust. The gateway of the eyes allow the conversation in my mind become one of great judgement and criticism or even the memory track, the gateway of my memory bubbles up into my mind and disturbs that sacred space. We need such a wisdom to be able to protect this sacred space so that I can have the most elevated conversation of all.


And these really are the silent conversations with God. And in these conversations, I experience a love, a Divine love,  a quality of life I will never experience anywhere else. The quality of these conversations is the purity of love that is really offered. Research all my life for true love.  All of us here tonight  invest our hearts a lot in our relationships with our families, our friends. We give everything. But there's a huge dilemma in human life and that is that no relationship is permanent, whether it's change, whether it's time, whether it's separation, weather it’s death,   the object of my love goes. And this is why in this silent conversations we're exploring the one relationship that is permanent that is always there. And so when reconnecting with the lover of the soul. And sometimes when we forget who we are we forget the lover of the soul. But in these conversations were going to reconnect with the lover of the soul and fill my mind and heart. and conscience with that purity of silence.


So what I'd love to do is invite you into a first silent of conversation with God as our Mother. And I'm going to make a request that we put phones down, we put books down, we put bags down. We sit a little erect and if I can request, we put the pause button on all the other conversations going in my mind from the workplace,  from the family. This is a sacred time for a conversation with the one, with the Divine. And I'm going to suggest to keep your eyes open and just gently rest your vision on the image of Lights and follow the thoughts which I suggested. And if your mind wanders just gently return your mind not just to listen but to feel. So let us sit quietly.

(A Conversation with God as my Mother)


Let me come in front of God as my loving Mother. In the eye of my mind, I see a radiant Jewel of Ligth emanating Divine love. Don't think too much, just feel the love. Don't analyze too much. Just feel the Divine love. How sweet these feelings. I want to come closer and closer to my Eternal Mother. To do that, I also need to step into my life form.  Just feel yourself stepping beyond you're limited and temporary identity. Your body going beyond male, female, old, young, healthy unhealthy, and step into my life form as a minute sparkling star, a soul.

Gently residing in the center of the forehead.  The more I experience myself as the soul, I feel closer to you. Dear Mother, Sweet Mother I open my heart to you. I have nothing to hide. I have no fear but over many years I've stored a lot of pain and hurt in my heart. So many unhappy conversations have blocked my heart. But now Dear Mother, I let your Divine love flowing to me.  Just allow yourself to be totally loved. Remove all the barriers of I'm selfdislike, what I've done, what I've said and feel the purity of this love going to the core of my being. Feel the purity of this Divine love, washing (or watching?) me, caressing me, healing the core of my being. Mother, feeling your love, I can let go of the past. I can let go the pain and the resentment, the hurt.  I feel myself being healed and restored to my original beauty.

Your forgiveness, and your acceptance helps me begin to love  and respect myself. I feel myself stepping back into myself value. You  show me my own beauty, my own potential. Mother I promise you, I will never think badly or negatively of myself. I know the only thing you wanted of me is to be happy. When I experience God is my Mother, the mind, it brings silence to my heart.  The noise of my emotions begins to go.

There are three sources of love in life: from the self, from God, and from others. Often not much love from me. Sometimes I have faith in God but do I really feel that love? My one source of love is You, is others.  When there is a conflict or a lost my life goes into upheaval. Spirituality is strengthening the first two relationships of life. A loving relationship with me  a soul and a loving relationship with God as my Mother and Father. 

(A Conversation with God as my True Friend)

Now I sit in front of God as my Dear Friend. Once again keep your awareness in your life form as a soul. Feel yourself letting go identifying with what you do. Just feel yourself withdrawing, stepping back. The sweet feeling of letting go, even letting go how I look, my physical image. The more I step back I come into the presence of my dear friend God as my friend.


The more I become a soul I feel this belonging. I feel so close. You are a Friend who is always there. A friend who is totally trustworthy. A friend who will never let me down. You hold my hand in the face of this challenging world. You are always there. You are my support that enables me to face anything. Sometimes people are angry and aggressive but you keep me cool and calm. Sometimes I'm criticized but you tell me you love me and I even get the strength from you not to take revenge and criticize back.  Sometimes I don't feel so confident but you are there to support me. My backbone to give me the strength but most of all you always see my goodness. My Dear Friend your vision falls on my beauty. And with your love I stick into that vision with self-respect. With you my Sweet Friend I can be completely honest. I can share with you like no other. You listen to me and soothe me.

Now for a few minutes let me have a silent conversation of complete honesty with my True Friend. Open your heart, share your heart.


When I share so honestly, I feel light. The burden goes. Dear God, you have become such a Friend but I also want to become everyone's friend. I suspend my judgmental nature and I offers love and compassion to everyone. My promise to you my Dear Friend is that I will have good wishes and pure feelings for everyone.

(A Conversation with God as my Guide)


In this sweet loving conversations, my heart feels with the love of the Mother, the belonging of my Friend. But sometimes I feel lost in this world. I don't know what to do. I don't know where to go and then you God become my trusted Guide. You show the light on the path. But I need to follow. You show me where I'm deceiving myself, where I'm under the illusion of falsehood.

You give me the strength to do what I know is right. But most of all you tell me to remember You. The highest state of mind is to be lost in You and let go all the stories, the justifications, the blame the excuses, the past, let it all dissolve in this loving union with my trusted Guide.  My mind in your love becomes so silent. It is filled with divine feelings of love, of peace, love, joy, and power. There is just I, the soul linked to you the Supreme Being.


My mind wanders nowhere else. And in you I dip into the essence of love, the essence of peace, the essence of purity. I feel all my strength returning. My only responsibility is to Remember You. And sometimes the old conversations return. My mind is pulled to the stories of someone's behavior, of my mistakes. When that happens, let me remember to sit with You and return to this sweet place. A place, a sacred space in my mind is filled with your love and your joy. When I wake in the morning let me sit in front of my Mother. As I progress through the day, let me hold the hand of my Friend and be guided by You.


This silent conversations with the One will heal the heart, heal the mind, and heal the conscience. To sit with You regularly is an act of love for myself. We live in a world so chaotic and yet when I remember You, my mind cools down and I can spread that vibration to everyone I come in touch with. Let me pledge to have this silent conversations with You on a daily basis."

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