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Lost and Found

A film written by Innerspace Manila

The journey of the human spirit and how a change in consciousness turned our world around. We now live in a period of re-awakening and transition - a time to return to a true awareness about ourselves, back to our natural qualities of peace, love, joy, kindness - and reclaim our spiritual power. And in this journey, we are not alone. The Supreme, the source, the divine - God Himself - is available to bestow his knowledge and energy, empowering us to rediscover our original and the best version of ourselves.

The Yoga of the Mind

by BK Denise Lawrence


Raja Yoga is the Yoga of the Mind.  It brings evenness of mind.  It strengthens your intelligence, refines your conscience and provides you with an endless source of inner power. 


The inner self, the spark of life, the being of light within is not your body.  Your mind operates between your soul and your body.  

Inside your being is your Will – the power that leads your mind. Yoga means what your mind is connected to, and then, what you experience in your mind.  Yoga with the Supreme Being enables you to experience peace, love, bliss within your mind.  Otherwise, you experience physical sensations in your mind. 


How do you practice Yoga of the Mind.  You focus your mind upon itself, turning your attention within.  Then you focus your mind towards the light beyond – the Source, the Force, the origin of all virtues and inner powers.  You taste the sweetness of that peace and love, and draw it into yourself.  You fill with that spiritual strength and become empowered to be your true self.

About the Author: BK Denise Lawrence, international speaker, broadcaster, and founder-coordinator of BK centers in Toronto, San Francisco and Los Angeles. A meditator for 40 years and a frequent guest speaker at various enlightening programs in the Philippines. You can also watch BK Denise at 

BK Rajni Daulatram is the National Coordinator for the Philippines and Japan, and has been practicing Raja Yoga Meditation since she was 7 years old. Sister Rajni is a highly motivating pubic speaker on topics such as the human mind, relationships, and spirituality in daily life 

Why Raja Yoga Meditation

by BK Rajni Daulatram

Nowadays there is so much pressure in life. In order to release our mind from all kinds of stress we learn Raja Yoga Meditation. 


Raja Yoga Meditation is for our mind to experience peace, calmness and relaxation, but it must be practiced every day. As we eat food every day in order for to get strength, in the same way, our mind needs to be refreshed and meditation helps refresh our mind. It recharges our mind and helps it become relaxed and very peaceful.


When one is peaceful one can make good decisions in daily life, and if we make good decisions life becomes smooth. Otherwise, our mind will keep thinking over and over again and it does not reach any decision. So Raja Yoga Meditation enables me to  make good decisions in my daily life. If for example I go to work, and today I know I will have a lot of meetings, I then prepare my mind with a few powerful thoughts - I am a peaceful being, I am calm - when I get to the office I listen to everything with calmness so I can understand everything, and interact in a peaceful way. This way  I do not get affected by the pressure of any kind of work . 


Raja Yoga Meditation helps keep our mind still. What does it mean for our mind to become still?  We mean stillness like a calm water, and in this stillness the mind can think very clearly. When the mind is clear, then anything that comes in front of me in the form of a problem or situation,  I am able to think through with clarity. Raja Yoga Meditation helps us become very clear. 


In every day relationships sometimes we find ourselves getting easily affected by the moods of other people - sometimes they cooperate with us, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes we are hurt and sometimes we can hurt others. Raja Yoga Meditation gives me extra strength to not get affected by the moods of others because we understand that everyone’s mind  can easily be influenced by one’s habits. If a mind is influenced by his habits, the mind becomes moody. We learn to go beyond and not see the mood,  but instead see  each and every soul as a beautiful soul, very positive and very peaceful. When we look at the speciality and not the mood we are able to communicate well, and we begin to build our relationship based on the speciality of each other. When our relationship is filled with each other’s weakness, when we begin to see each other’s weaknesses, our relationships do not become good -  it means in my heart Im not accepting the other person. 


In Raya Yoga Meditation I have learned that each and every human being’s soul is originally beautiful, dignified and positive. So I must look at the positive side of the other person. Even in my own life I must have a positive attitude and connect with others with a positive attitude. If we have a positive approach towards each other, our relationships become better.


Om shanti.

Connecting the mind with the Supreme. Sunset meditation at Baba's Rock in Mount Abu Rajasthan India

God Consciousness: why it's essential in our life

by BK Rajni Daulatram

God means goodness, all the good qualities are in God. In my everyday life I need good qualities. Raja Yoga  Meditation is the highest form of prayer where I think of the highest qualities of God and experience that quality in my relationship with others. 


Whenever I have questions, I need to remember God who can provide me the answer. Whenever I have a problem, I think about God’s quality and I will get the solution.


God means goodness and in everyday life I must be good. What does it mean to be good? An example here is patience. Patience is a Godly goodness so if I do everything with patience, I bring God’s goodness in my life. When I use patience that means I use the quality of God, and I enjoy His positive energy in my life. 


Another example is the quality of peace. God is the Bestower of Peace, the Giver of Peace and I'm also the child of God who is peaceful. When I listen and interact with others in a peaceful way and when I behave in a peaceful manner I contribute peace. Peace, which is a Godly quality, goes into my action.


So to connect with God is to bring goodness into my everyday life. God, then continues to give me new thoughts and new feelings when I sit in meditation - the highest form of prayer where we think of the qualities of God.

BK Charlie Hogg is the Regional Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris Asia Pacific, an international speaker and one of the pioneering souls who started Raja Yoga Meditation in the Asia Pacific. He has been practicing meditation for more than 40 years.

Silent Conversations with God: a meditation experience


"We've searched all our life for true love.  All of us  invest our hearts a lot in our relationships...we give everything. But there's a huge dilemma in human life and that is that no relationship is permanent, whether it's change, time, separation, death, the object of my love goes.


And this is why in this silent conversation we're exploring the one relationship that is permanent that is always there - the lover of the soul. In these conversations were going to reconnect with the lover of the soul and fill our mind, heart and conscience with that purity of silence."

In 2014, the Philippines was fortunate to have Brother Charlie provide a deep experience of sweet silent conversations with God. You can read the transcript here or watch the full video to follow the actual 45 minute experiential commentary.

Ang meditation ba ay katulad ng pagdarasal?


Nagkakahalintulad ang dasal at meditation sa layunin--ang pangalagaan ang relasyon sa Diyos at matamo ang personal na nating adhikain. Sa pagdarasal, humihiling tayo ng basbas ng patnubay at pagkalinga. Nagpapahayag tayo ng pananalig at humihingi ng tawad sa Maykapal. Ang panalangin ay proteksyon sa malalaking pagbabago at hamon sa buhay. Ito ay batay sa paniniwala na ang Diyos ay palaging naririyan upang tumugon sa pangangailangan at upang magpatawad sa mga taong nakakalimot at nagkakasala.

Ang pagkakaiba ng dasal at meditation ay kung paano natin tinitingnan ang sarili, ang ating ugnayan sa Diyos at ang ating layunin. Ang Raja Yoga meditation ay susi upang maranasan nang kabuuan ng pakikipag-ugnayan sa Diyos.


Ito ay isang proseso hindi lamang para sa paglalahad ng kahilingan sa Diyos o paraan para sa katahimikan at kalubayan ng kalooban ng tao. Ito ay pagtanggap sa katotohanan ng kung sino ako at kung ano ang ugnayan ko sa Diyos.


Ito ay kaliwanagan sa kinahinatnan ng aking pagkilos habang ako ay narito sa mundo. Sa ganitong pananaw, ang meditation ay nagsisimula sa kaalaman. Sa paghahanap natin ng sagot sa kung sino ako ay natutuklasan natin ang Diyos.


Sa pagtatanto na tayo ay kaluluwa na umiiral nang walang hanggan, munting ilaw na may katangian ng kapayapaan, kapangyarihan, kaligayahan, kadalisayan at pag-ibig, natutuklasan natin ang ating tunay na pagkakakilanlan na hindi nakabatay lamang sa pisikal na katangian. Sa koneksyong ito, nararanasan natin ang lahat ng uri ng relasyon sa Diyos: ama, ina, kaibigan, guro, gabay.

Kahit saan, anumang oras maaaring iugnay ang ating isipan sa Diyos. Maupo lamang, maging panatag, manatiling gising ang diwa, at dahan-dahang sabihin sa iyong sarili ang mga matatahimik na salita na mag-uugnay sa iyo sa Maykapal.

Meditation at the Tower of Peace in Pandav Bhavan, Mount Abu Rajathan India, and opposite, at the Cagsawa Ruins in Bicol. Everyday, thousand of people from all walks of life, all kinds of races, religions and ethnicities around the world meditate in the centers, in their homes, in offices and schools quietly connecting their mind to God.

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