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Weekly Learning Programs


Because of  the never-stopping turmoil and changes going on at this time everywhere in the world, our life has become more tiring and exhausting. Thus, these days, it seems more and more difficult  for us to experience authentic and sustained peace and joy, and to connect with our true inner self to get through life’s challenges.

Our weekly learning programs provide new spiritual perspectives that can transform one's consciousness and empower one to go beyond obstacles.


The 45-minute to 1-hour programs are designed to engage participants into creative and directed silence exercises and group sessions. It's ideal for busy individuals who are seeking to have a good meditation experience.


Contact the center nearest you for the weekly schedule and topic.


One-Day Retreat (Extensive Meditation)


This day-long retreat provides a more extensive silence experience to develop a focused mind or to clear out one's feelings, and thus become more appreciative of the better side of the self. This is done through a better understanding of what is going on in one’s inner world. The day is divided into classes that are filled with useful insights, group work which enables us to share and also learn from others, and plenty of time for contemplation and meditation exercises.

Topics are wide-ranging and are always relevant to today's challenges.


Annual one-day retreats are also provided across most centers during Holy Week and at the end of the year. 


The retreats are conducted by long-time meditators and guest speakers who are experienced in the subject and in facilitating a dynamic and a participative retreat-experience.


Vegetarian meals cooked in silence in the center's kitchen are served during these retreats. 

To find out the scheduled day-retreat in your area, contact the center nearest you. 


Group Retreat

Whether it's a leadership training, an empowering workshop, a spiritualized team building exercise that your group requires, we can arrange and facilitate the right program for you.


We have conducted various meditation retreats and spiritual workshops for women's groups, corporations, educators, children, the youth, healthcare professionals, social workers, the military, the national penitentiary and many more. We have also initiated dialogues among thought leaders, the media, government and many other special groups.

Retreats are anywhere from a few hours to a full day, and can take place in any of our centers. We also recommend hosting the retreat at a beautiful retreat center in Tagaytay City, the Brahma Kumaris Center for Spiritual Learning  - where overnight accommodation is available.

Or if you have on-going self-development training for your team, it is easy and possible to integrate our topics and meditation experience into your own program.  

Let us know how we can be of help at the National Coordinating Center in Makati City.

Harmony: Celebrating Oneness with teachers from Divine Grace School

Science Experiment Classroom with young minds aged 8 to 10

July 2016 at the Philippine National Police' continuing  training for leadership and good governance . This time with BK Judy Rodgers of New York who is also the President of Image and Voices of Hope, on the special topic, "Communicating via Appreciative Inquiry"

A lively program for Hospitality Innovators


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