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Philippines, let's meditate.

These are extremely trying times we're living in. 

Times that call for transformative solutions beginning with our own self. 

Let the Brahma Kumaris be your meditation coach in the Philippines, providing you fresh insights and the experience of the power of silence.


Let the journey begin from the comfort of your home with these free online meditation events, free online meditation retreats and conversations - held at convenient times - livestreamed over Facebook or privately hosted on Zoom. 

Together let's create the atmosphere of peace.

Meditation para sa bayan.png

Meditation Para sa Bayan

Daily at 4:00PM

A special purely meditation session for peace in our country, and for our world. 


Join us on Facebook, daily, and help create an atmosphere of peace all around.


Lusog DIWA

Thriving thru Covid 19

Inspiring conversations with individuals from the diverse field of arts, business, first responders, military, women leaders and more. Join as they discuss compassion, care, power - personal strategies enabling them to cope and even thrive during this time of crisis.

Daily meditation to recharge the soul

Daily wisdom to nourish the mind

Discovery & practice of virtues that changes one's life

Service that increases good karma

Four core principles that can help make a lasting shift in one's life.  Discover more in our programs, events and retreats.

Oneline Raja Yoga Course

Raja Yoga helps us make sense of the everyday and bring us to a state of inner stability. 

Raja Yoga enables us to reconnect with our essence-the truth and remove our addiction to negative thoughts. It helps create a new habit for the mind to love silence and help us go back to our natural state of love and peace.

The Course consists of four parts and it is encouraged that participants commit completely to the schedule to take maximum benefit from the course.

Group of White Flowers


In the civil society sector where I belong, the work to combat poverty and inequality feels endless, and often, change grinds ever so slowly. Raja Yoga helps me be more calm, patient, and focused on what I can do excellently. When people or situations make change happen so slowly, Raja Yoga meditation makes me respond in a virtuous way, pulling me to take stock of my spiritual self.

Deannie Ocampo, educator 

Meditator since 2006

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